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The Southern hemisphere vaccine is 2/3 same as the northern hemisphere Difference in nth and sth flu vaccines   Here is a link to the WHO influenza vaccines info for NORTHERN HEMISPHERE 23/24 https://www.who.int/publications/m/item/recommended-composition-of-influenza-virus-vaccines-for-use-in-the-2023-2024-northern-hemisphere-influenza-season Here is a link to the WHO influenza vaccines info for SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE 24 https://www.who.int/publications/m/item/recommended-composition-of-influenza-virus-vaccines-for-use-in-the-2024-southern-hemisphere-influenza-season

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16 Jan 2024 PRE exposure Rabies vaccination Australian Immunisation Handbook,  CDC ( USA Centre for Disease Control) and WHO (World Health Organisation), all recommend two pre-exposure rabies vaccinations given at least a week apart. The vaccine can be given intradermally (ID)  or intramuscularly (IM). IM is given at a slightly higher volume and deeper into […]

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Clinic update 30/4/20

April 30th, 2020

Dear Readers, As we all know too well,  the wretched little virus, COVID-19 has drastically changed our normal lives over the last few months: Locked down at home to various degrees, flights grounded, dreadful stories coming from all over the planet of unimaginable suffering and deaths.  Such a lot of tragedy. My heart goes out to those […]

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First Aid of Burns

September 21st, 2018

  This is essential information for all members of the community from the RACGP QLD  Newsletter Water cooling treatment for burns   The most important take-home messages from the article: Water cooling for 20 minutes within three hours of any type of burn provides the most benefit This was shown to reduce: the risk of […]

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Chronic Q Fever

November 3rd, 2015

I often get emails, phone calls etc from patients having trouble with Q Fever causing long term persistent problems, or saying their Q fever is recurring. From my understanding of Q Fever, the disease does not ‘come back’  and  patients cannot get ‘reinfected’ ( that is why vaccination is effective – once you have cleared […]

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To our valued patients and suppliers It is with regret that I must advise that the Stafford clinic has closed permanently. The last day of trading was October 31st 2015. The Stafford clinic was amalgamated into the city clinic, and all patient records have been transferred into the clinic at 5th floor, 247 Adelaide Street, Brisbane CBD. […]

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