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Dr Deb Mills has a passion for medicine and travel. She is the medical director of Dr Deb THE Travel Doctor, and has been working in travel medicine since July 1988. She is one of the pioneers of Travel Medicine in Australia. This means she and her team have the expertise necessary to ensure you get the best travel medicine care possible.

Dr Deb believes that travel and tourism can be a powerful force for good in the world, with the potential to benefit both the traveller, and those they visit. However, good health while travelling is essential for enjoying the adventure of travelling overseas.

Her book “Travelling Well – The ‘must-have’ guide to enjoying good health while you travel” is now in its 21st edition, with over 215,000 copies in print. She is a regular on radio and television, and has been widely published on the subject of travellers’ health.

As well as studying infectious diseases in Australia and many corners of the globe, she draws from her own travel experiences on all 7 continents, to ensure travellers get the critical ‘been-there-done-that’ information that they need to travel with confidence and make the most of their journeys.

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Travel Health guide is the treatment section of the travelling well book in a convenient format for travellers – there is no need to have an internet connection while using the app
Travel Health Guide iPhone app 
Travel Health Guide Android version
 Vaccine Record for travellers is a free app that allows users to store c copy of their vaccine records in their phone for added convenience while travelling.
Vaccine Record for Travellers iPhone version 
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