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Existing Patients

For our current registered patients we have the following services: While you are away, After your trip, What you need for the next trip, Accessing more malarone, plus other forms and our privacy policy.

While you're away

If you are an existing patient, we have a special service for you. If you have a medical query while you are away.

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After your trip

If you have any symptoms on your return, or within a few months of your return, you need a post travel checkup.

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Your next trip

For our current registered patients only, we offer a service where travellers can enquire about the health needs of their next trip.

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More Malarone

Policy re supply of Malaria medication and MSK without a consultation.

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Patient forms

This section is for our registered patients. Please use the user name and password given to you by reception staff to login.

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Australian Immunisation Register

To have any missing existing vaccines added to the Australian Immunisation Register, please complete the linked form.

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