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Our Travel Medicine Services

We provide a complete travel health service - both before you go and when you get back:
No matter who you are, where you are going or what you will be doing - we can cater for your needs:
We also have a range of Travel Medicine services available for those looking after the needs of travellers in a professional capacity, including:

and we stock all the travel health products you need to have a healthy and safe trip including vaccines and medical kits.

For more information about Yellow Fever vaccinations please visit our Yellow Fever Vaccine and Vaccinations information web site.

Vaccination Management

Travel Immunisation Records:

Do you have a vaccination book yet? It is supplied free when you consult Dr Deb. It has space to list what shots you’ve had, what they are for, and how long they last. We supply this internationally accredited vaccination record book as you may be required to show it before you are permitted to enter certain countries, or even to return to Australia after visiting certain destinations. As well as having a very compact record of your vaccinations, it has space for other pertinent medical details, such as your blood group, allergies and important medical history.

Wondering what shots you’ve had, and when?

There is no need to wonder any longer. We can do a blood test to check antibody levels for some common travel diseases. Once you have consulted us, you will have peace of mind knowing your vaccine records are kept on file for the future. Our excellent records will save you from having unnecessary vaccinations on subsequent trips. This is another advantage of using our specialized Travel Vaccination Clinic.

Need a booster? We remind you!

Many vaccination programs require booster shots, e.g. hepatitis A: the first shot protects you for six months, and the booster protects you for life.

Seminars And Workshops

We can provide travel health seminars and workshops for companies, schools or other travelling groups at your premises.

Dr Deborah Mills, The Travel Doctor is a a leading specialist in the field of travel health and is ideally qualified to contribute to your conference, meeting or seminar with a presentation that is different, interesting, and relevant to almost any audience.

Deborah has full professional ASM accreditation with The National Speakers Association Of Australia, and combine these elements with a wealth of experience in travel medicine clinical practice and you have a public speaker who is informed, entertaining, and good for your health.

Deborah is one of the pioneers of travel medicine in Australia, and has looked after thousands of departing travellers. She is regularly asked to give presentations to all manner of travellers – from businessmen to backpackers, and all in between.

For more information, please visit the Travelling Well website.

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