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We can help you avoid being one of the 50% of Travellers who suffer medical problems.

Overseas Travel is more than visiting wonderful places, tasting exotic foods and encountering different people, it might also mean contracting a dangerous disease. No website can tell you exactly what you need for your trip. What you need is complicated. It depends on exactly where you go, what you do, and your past health. To access precise recommendations for your trip, you need to consult a doctor who knows about travel health. To access travel health advice and travel vaccines, visit our clinic based in Brisbane.


Travel is great but... Glossy travel brochures and websites understate the risks to your health...

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Flat on your back in a local hospital is not where you want to be on your great trip...

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OH&S considerations apply even when you leave Australia. Small health issues could mean big problems.

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Travel Agents

Travel consultants have an important role to play in helping travellers stay healthy...

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3 Big Benefits of Consulting Dr Deb's for your Travel Vaccines and Medications before Travelling Overseas.


Save time

All necessary products are onsite. We stock medical kits, with all necessary instructions and documentation: this saves a lot of running around. No need to get a script, have it filled, and return for vaccination.


Customized, up to date recommendations:

Our medical staff has extra training in this specialised area... our recommendations are evidence based, practical and tailored to your health and trip. Only what you need.


Peace of Mind

We are on call after hours for our patients: Before you go - if you react to a vaccine. While you are away - if you want some advice. & Before your next trip - we store your vaccine records and give advice here at our Clinic in Brisbane.

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