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Which face mask is best?

January 23rd, 2022

Everyone : mould the metal strip firmly around your nose, make sure the mask covers your nose and mouth,  is pulled under your chin, the strings are holding the mask as tightly as possible to your face, and there are no obvious gaps at the side.

For most persons – try to get a KN95 mask, otherwise surgical masks  – the blue side is out facing others.

For a rough and ready fit test – spray some perfume nearby and see how strong the smell is.

It does not have to be perfect..get the best mask you can.  Remember seat belts in cars are not perfect but save a lot of lives. A cloth mask is still better than nothing.

From most to least effective

  1. Fit-tested N95 mask
  2. KN95 mask
  3. Surgical mask
  4. Cloth mask
  5. Nothing

Which mask is best?             1. Fit tested N95/P2            2. KN95           3. Surgical           4. cloth

Fit testing machines cost thousands of dollars so only health care workers tend to have a fit-tested mask.

Don’t use masks with valves.

When you throw away the mask, tear off the loops in case they go astray and tangle wildlife.

There is a lot more information here from CDC

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