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Malaria rapid test now available for travellers

July 8th, 2010
Travellers who will be visiting places remote from medical care now have the option of taking a test kit for malaria. This Rapid Diagnostic kit allows the traveller to take a sample of blood and accurately test their blood for malaria, so they will know whether they have malaria, and which strain they have. This makes it easier to treat themselves, if they are in a country where the local medical services are unreliable. The kits cost about $200 from your local Travel Medicine clinic, and the expiry date is about 12 months.
The World Health Organisation has recently updated their guidelines on the management of malaria. The availability of these Rapid Diagnostic tests has meant that it is now easier to accurately diagnose malaria. This means better treatment. In the past, many patients were treated as if they had malaria, when they did not REALLY have malaria. Test kits are available from your local TMA clinic. Further info from manufacturers is here.

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    Hello there
    We are sailing up through Indonesia and Malaysia shortly and wish to acquire some Malarial testing kits for the trip. We are in Townsville, Qld, however will be in Cairns by June 25.
    Thank you-Dee McDonell

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