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Immunisation for persons working in early childhood services

August 7th, 2020


Did you know that childcare work could be putting the health of workers, and the health of their family and friends at risk?

For example: Hepatitis A is a very contagious virus that is known to spread in childcare settings, but many childcare workers are not covered. There are two main types of Hepatitis – known as A and B: Many childcare workers are vaccinated for Hepatitis but not for Hepatitis A,  yet Hepatitis A is actually more of a risk in that workplace.

Staff working in early childhood education and care services can be exposed to various infectious diseases through contact with infectious children and their blood and body substances.

Recommended vaccinations for ALL staff who work with young children include:

  • hepatitis A
  • measles-mumps-rubella
  • chickenpox / varicella
  • pertussis / whooping cough
  • influenza

And sometimes depending on the setting

  • hepatitis B –  risk is lower: medical advice should be sought about hepatitis B vaccination for staff if the service provides care for children with intellectual disabilities and the children are not immunised.


Outbreaks of these vaccine-preventable diseases in a childcare setting can result in serious illness in staff, the other children attending the service, and family members. Some of these diseases, such as rubella, chickenpox, and influenza can cause severe disease in pregnant women and/or harm their baby.

Like Coronavirus, these infectious diseases, and can spread before an infected person shows signs of illness.

Vaccination along with good hand and respiratory hygiene is the most effective way to protect against infection.

Students who undertake vocational placements at early childhood education and care services are also at risk of exposure to diseases that are vaccine-preventable.

The routine vaccines that staff had in childhood are not enough for protection in this work environment. Studies show many childcare workers are not appropriately vaccinated. Hep A childcare workers  In addition to being a risk of disease outbreak, this could have OH&S ramifications.

Since travel is VERY quiet at present, we are available to do a FREE vaccine status review for those who wish it.

If you wish to participate, you can download this form DD321 childcare vaccine review

Just email it the address on the base of the form and our medical staff will review this and let you know if you or your staff’s vaccines are up to date for the childcare work environment.

Or Phone 07 3221 9066  for more information

For more info on the need for vaccines in early childcare work, check out this government site




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