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COVID requirements pre travel Brisbane

December 7th, 2020

Do you need a COVID test before you travel and are you based in Brisbane? Do you ALSO need a doctor’s letter ? or is it just a COVID PCR Nasal swab test? or do you need a blood test as well  ?? Yes, it can be very confusing. Make sure you get precise instructions from your travel agent or airline.

Some airlines need a COVID nasal swab/PCR test before you can even be let on the plane, or a certain number of hours before you arrive in a country, some countries or airlines require a blood test as well. Sometimes a letter from a doctor is required in addition to a test result (sometimes called a test result certificate) to document that you have no symptoms of COVID at the time of the test  – a ” WELL-TO-GO ” letter.

At Dr Deb The Travel Doctor,  we can help you organise this  COVID doctor’s letter for travel in Brisbane. We can even do it via telehealth in some circumstances.

If you travelling, and JUST need a COVID PCR test before departure (eg 72 hours before departure) you can go direct to the lab. You do not need us.

If you need a doctor’s letter as well, we can help. Below is the procedure for TEST plus LETTER

Call us 32219066

We will organise for you to have a discussion with the doctor and give you the required pathology test paperwork.

At the appropriate time before departure you go to a testing centre – you can walk into a lab or there is a drive-through centre in Brisbane at Bowen Hills where you can have the test taken. You will contact us on the way home from testing to confirm that you have had the test and at the time of the test you had no suspicious symptoms.

The tests currently (24-6-21) cost $145 for a standard PCR nasal COVID test, and $195 for a nasal PCR test PLUS blood test for IgM (as required by China for example).

( Just a reminder – if you have symptoms of COVID and go for a test it is FREE. You only have to pay for a COVID test if you are having it pre-travel.)

The laboratory will usually text/email you the result in time for you to have the necessary paperwork for your departure.

We supply the ” WELL-TO-GO ” letter saying you have no COVID symptoms etc, depending on the requirements of the country or organisation.

The cost for us to do this organising and paperwork etc depends on the time you spend with the doctor but averages $60. This is not covered by medicare. While there, we may also briefly check your other vaccines are up to date if you are going to a country where other vaccines are recommended.

We look forward to helping you get where you want to go – call us on 0732219066.

Dr Deb

PS you may wish to consider limiting your exposure to the general public for 2 weeks prior to your departure just to limit your chance of being exposed to viruses especially during the winter.

PS the USA state department has a website with some information about what COVID requirements are needed for each country, it is US-focused but a good place to start researching.

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  1. Neil says:

    I am travelling to Taiwan on the 11/05/21. I require the pcr test for work travel purposes within 72 hours from departure date. When can I take the test?

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