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COVID requirements pre travel Brisbane

December 7th, 2020

Do you need a COVID test before you travel and are you based in Brisbane? Do you ALSO need a doctor’s letter ? or is it just a COVID PCR Nasal swab test? or do you need a blood test as well  ?? Yes, it can be very confusing. Make sure you get precise instructions from your travel agent or airline.

Some airlines need a COVID nasal swab/PCR test before you can even be let on the plane, or a certain number of hours before you arrive in a country, some countries or airlines require a blood test as well. Sometimes a letter from a doctor is required in addition to a test result (sometimes called a test result certificate) to document that you have no symptoms of COVID at the time of the test  – a ” WELL-TO-GO ” letter.

At Dr Deb The Travel Doctor,  we can help you organise this  COVID  travel paperwork in Brisbane. We can even do it via telehealth in some circumstances.

If you travelling, and need a COVID PCR test and letter before departure (eg 72 hours before departure) this can be organised at this link by a local lab. Costs etc are on that link.

Note – if you have symptoms of COVID and go for a test it is FREE. You only have to pay for a COVID test if you are having it pre-travel. BUT some airlines will only accept test results from private pathology labs not from a hospital

The laboratory will text/email you the result so you will have the necessary paperwork for your departure.

Dr Deb

PS you may wish to consider limiting your exposure to the general public for 2 weeks prior to your departure just to limit your chance of being exposed to viruses especially during the winter.

PS the USA state department has a website with some information about what COVID requirements are needed for each country, it is US-focused but a good place to start researching.

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  1. Neil says:

    I am travelling to Taiwan on the 11/05/21. I require the pcr test for work travel purposes within 72 hours from departure date. When can I take the test?

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