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COVID test pre travel Brisbane

December 7th, 2020

Do you need a COVID test pre-travel in Brisbane?

Some airlines need a COVID nasal swab/PCR test before you can get on the plane, or arrive in a country, Some countries require a blood test as well. Sometimes a letter is required in addition to document that you have no symptoms of COVID – a ” WELL-TO-GO ” letter.

At Dr Deb The Travel Doctor,  can help you organise this  COVID test pre-travel in Brisbane. We will do it via telehealth if possible.

If you travelling, and need a COVID test before departure (eg 72 hours before departure) you currently need to follow this procedure.

Call us 32219066 and advise what you need.

We will organise you to have a discussion with the doctor and give you the required pathology test paperwork.

At the appropriate time before departure you go to a testing centre – there is a drive-through centre in Brisbane at Bowen Hills where you can do this.

The tests currently (7-12-2020) cost $145 for a standard PCR nasal COVID test, and $195 for a nasal PCR test PLUS blood test for IgM (as required by China for example).

( Just a reminder – if you have symptoms of COVID and go for a test it is FREE. You only have to pay for a COVID test if you are having it for pre-travel.)

The laboratory will usually text you the result and often email the result in time for you to have the necessary paperwork for your departure.

We can supply the ” WELL-TO-GO ” letter re lack of COVID symptoms.

The cost for us to do this organising and paperwork etc depends on the time you spend with the doctor on the telehealth call but averages $50. This is not covered by medicare. While there, we will also briefly check your other vaccines are up to date if you are going to a country where other vaccines are recommended.

We look forward to helping you get where you want to go.

Dr Deb

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