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Useful iPhone Apps for Travel

June 24th, 2015

I am sometimes asked about useful apps for Travellers – I must declare my bias in that I am in the iPhone camp so don’t know as much about android apps.

There are lists online like this one of 50 but I use almost none of these.

Here is my list of essentials

Timescroller – to know what time is best to ring home

Skype and Viber : to ring home. I especially like viber for sending photos back to my family group.)

Tripadvisor app : to checkout restaurants and accommodation

Tripit is an easy way to store ones itinerary, flights etc on one’s phone

A currency app is useful : I use ecurrency

Worldfactbook – to get some statistics about countries while on the road

and of course the essentials Twitter, Facebook, google maps

LOast but not least, here are the apps I developed:

Vaccine Record for Travellers – ( free ) so you can store your vaccine records

Travel Health Guide for iPhone   and   Travel Health Guide for Android  : This will Help you work out what to do if you get sick

I would love to hear suggestions from others as to the apps they love for travel.

2 Responses to “Useful iPhone Apps for Travel”

  1. Glen Russell says:

    My wife ( Gail) and I are patients and we have purchased your great book. Just wondering, as an android camp person ( and there are lots of us out there) whether you would advise about suitable apps similiar to your favoured apple app?

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