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Wednesday, April 1st, 2020

Dr Deb’s clinic will remain open during this war on COVID-19, but sometimes with restricted appointment times. We are currently providing Astra Covid vaccine, including for those under 60 years of age if required after discussion with our doctors.  Influenza/Flu vaccine Rabies vaccine for flying fox carers Q fever vaccine for essential abattoir workers Hepatitis A […]

Travel Vaccines for Bali – What vaccines do I need for Bali?

Monday, May 21st, 2018

What Vaccines do I need for Bali?   What Vaccines do I need for Bali? At the very least you need your usual childhood vaccines plus protection from Hepatitis A. Depending on what you are doing, you may also need vaccines against Typhoid, maybe Cholera or ETEC, sometimes vaccines against Influenza or Japanese encephalitis, and […]

Travelling Seniors – what you don’t know CAN hurt you.

Tuesday, February 20th, 2018

Of the gladdest moments in human life, methinks, is the departure on a distant journey to unknown lands. Sir Richard Burton explorer Look at the bucket list of most seniors, and you will see some form of travel. Money and time means the world is your oyster…Unfortunately, what the glossy brochures don’t tell you, is […]

Isn’t there a national vaccine register in Australia?

Thursday, May 19th, 2016

We often get asked ” Isn’t there a national vaccine register in Australia ? ” Sadly the answer is “For most people – no” There are some registers for General Vaccines ACIR  : Australian Childhood Immunisation Register : NATIONAL database Immunisations given to children between birth and 7 years of age are entered into this Medicare controlled database. ACIR began in January 1996. VIVAS: […]

Lyssavirus : Look but don’t touch

Monday, September 14th, 2015

This blog post has been updated today Sept 14, 2014 The report in the media about Lyssavirus being found in a flying fox in Brisbane is a good reminder about LOOK BUT DONT TOUCH.  Flying fox are perfectly safe if you don’t touch them. Anyone who has had physical contact with a flying fox should seek […]

Student Travel

Tuesday, September 1st, 2015

If you will be travelling overseas as part of a school trip, your organisers will undertake risk assessments on many aspects of your trip – vehicles, accommodation, activities and emergencies etc. You will probably receive general advice regarding health. However Travel health advice is not a ‘one size fits all’ scenario, and what you need […]

What Vaccines do I need for Cambodia?

Monday, August 17th, 2015

NO WEBSITE will tell you accurately. You need to visit a travel doctor. This is not a marketing spiel. Giving you the best protection is complicated. You are an individual – your medical history, your destination, your planned activities, and your tolerance of risk are all unique. Medical care is not like buying things on […]

What Vaccines do I need for Thailand?

Monday, August 17th, 2015

Thailand is a great travel destination, but it pays to take a few sensible precautions to ensure your trip is trouble free, and also to ensure you don’t bring home a vile disease to your loved ones. The following is a rough guide only. No website can tell you exactly what you need, as recommendations […]

Information for Medical Professionals

Monday, August 17th, 2015

Dear Colleague As you may know, I have been working in the area of travel medicine since 1988. If you have patients travelling overseas who need more specialised travel medicine advice, my staff and I are now pleased to be able to offer you the option of referring your patients to our Brisbane CBD Travel […]

A to Z of How To Make Sure Your Travel Dream Does Not Turn Into A Travel Nightmare!!!

Monday, August 17th, 2015

A Accidents cause more deaths in travellers than infectious diseases. Be vigilant especially if travelling with children. Quality medical care may be difficult to obtain in developing countries so small injuries may turn into serious medical problems. Travel during the day is safer, and avoid motorbikes in developing countries. Altitude sickness is impossible to get […]

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