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indiaIf you will be travelling overseas as part of a school trip, your organisers will undertake risk assessments on many aspects of your trip – vehicles, accommodation, activities and emergencies etc.

You will probably receive general advice regarding health. However Travel health advice is not a ‘one size fits all’ scenario, and what you need depends on more than just the destination and activities you undertake. It depends on your health history, along with you approach to risk – whether a ‘risk taker’ or ‘risk avoider’

sick-kidGetting sick a long way from home is NOT fun.

Before you travel, as part of your personal risk assessment, it is important that you get individualised advice about how to stay healthy on your trip: advice about vaccines, and medical kits and maybe malaria pills. Doctors who specialise in travel medicine are in the best position to provide you with up to date, specialised advice.

Specialised travel medicine clinics are also time efficient … all the medications are available onsite

Our medical staff are extremely familiar with how to manage persons who are scared of needles or needle phobic.

Due to the necessity for parental consent for students having vaccines, we encourage parents to attend the consultation with their students. (Some vaccines like rabies vaccine may require a course of 3 vaccines over a month: in that case parents do not necessarily need to attend subsequent visits.)

Click here to make an appointment – appointments are available after school and on Saturdays but book well in advance.

Checkout our video “Travelling Well or not” – a lighthearted look at what can go wrong during travel and how vaccines can help prevent this.

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