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What Vaccines do I need for Cambodia?


NO WEBSITE will tell you accurately.

You need to visit a travel doctor.

This is not a marketing spiel.

Giving you the best protection is complicated.

You are an individual – your medical history, your destination, your planned activities, and your tolerance of risk are all unique.

Medical care is not like buying things on ebay.

Your pilot has studied a long time to keep you safe on the flight.

Travel doctors have studied a long time to keep you healthy on your trip.

Cambodia has diseases you need to avoid. Some are RARE but really DANGEROUS.

There are some lotteries you don’t want to win, like drawing the short straw for Amoebic dysentary, Giardia, Hepatitis, Typhoid, Japanese encephalitis, rabies, TB and many more.

There are no shortcuts. See a doctor.

If you are in Brisbane, you can see Dr Deb. Call now 07 3221 9066 to make an appointment, or send an online appointment request.

If you are outside Brisbane, ring 1300 42 11 42 from anywhere in Australia to get an appointment and get the best advice and the right vaccines for your trip.


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