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Business And Corporate Travellers

We understand how important it is for your staff to stay healthy when they are overseas and our group has a cost-effective solution for companies large and small.

Business people today travel further, and at shorter notice, to more isolated areas than ever before, consequently, the threat posed by illness and injury to successful business outcomes has intensified.

Failure to properly manage the health risks of travelling employees can lead to productivity loss, compromised employee health, add unnecessary costs, and cause disruption to major projects. Unmet occupational health and safety obligations may result in lengthy civil litigation.

Dr. Deb – The Travel Doctor and the TMA (Travel Medicine Alliance) group of clinics can provide your company with the means to safely and efficiently manage the health risks associated with international business. Our services can help save your company money and allow your employees to operate at their full potential while on assignment overseas.

Our services include:

  • Medical Checks: Are your staff fit to travel? A medical checkup is recommended if travellers will be posted to developing countries for more than 12 months. Potentially serious medical problems may not be obvious. A medical checkup will include History, Physical Exam, Urine test, Vision, ECG (heart), Spirometry (lungs), Blood tests (anemia, liver, kidney sugar, cholesterol, prostate) and other relevant aspects. This may uncover potential medical problems that can be dealt with before deployment and will document an employee’s baseline health status prior to travel. Sometimes medical checks may be required
  • Travel Medicine Consult: All employees need a travel medicine consult to check their vaccines are up to date, prescribe malaria pills and medical kits if relevant. Employees may also need education on various aspects of travel health such as how to avoid jetlag, mosquitoes, food and water diseases, worms, jigger fleas, sexually transmitted diseases, and so on. We give all our travellers a copy of the book, Travelling Well as part of their information briefing.
  • Post-Travel Checks And Treatment: Sick travellers need expert care from doctors who are familiar with exotic travel diseases. this will ensure a speedy recovery and less likelihood of spread to workmates, families and friends. Some travellers will need a post-travel checkup even if they feel well to uncover silent diseases such as Bhilharzia.
  • Ongoing Vaccine Management For Future Trips: Once we have the travellers vaccine records on file, we can provide some advice by email – see our section before your next trip. We also send reminders for boosters, and can update medical kits
  • Paperwork or E-files: It is useful to have paperwork in the employee file to document compliance with occupational health and safety. We can provide the necessary paperwork. We also provide an immunisation record book to the employee.
  • Dr Deb Mills can act as the off-site Company Medical Director and medical resource for your organisation. She works with companies to give advice and information about travellers health. This may be useful if questions arise as a result of a disease outbreak, urgent deployment or new project site. For example “One of our employees reports being exposed to TB at a business meeting in the Solomons – what should we do?”, During the SARS outbreak… “Is it safe for my employee to come to work after their trip to China? do they need to be quarantined? Can they safely go home to their families?”, “One of our staff has to urgently deploy to rural Indonesia – are their vaccines up to date?”

COVID tests for travel

We can organise the pre-travel COVID test and letter that is accepted by airlines.

Does your company have a Corporate Travel Health policy?

A sample Corporate Travel Health Policy is available for download here. It’s just a start. We have a staff member dedicated solely to assisting with paperwork for work travellers. He is readily available to help you streamline your corporate travel health systems and make sure your staff operate at their full potential at all times while overseas.

Influenza and Business Travel

More info click here.


Click here for more information about our fees for different types of medical consultations for work and business travellers.

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