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Before YOUR Next Overseas Trip

Why not try our service for yourself and experience the great treatment that we give your customers – at a special price.

As a travel agent, you know how important it is to get specific and up-to-date medical advice before setting off for exotic destinations. Many of our patients come to us because their travel agent has recommended us.

I invite you to visit Dr Deb The Travel Doctor yourself, prior to your next overseas trip. Experience first hand, the thorough way we look after our patients to make sure they have a healthy trip.

How much will this cost you? We don’t want to post our special trade discounts on an open website so drop us an email on clinic@thetraveldoctor.com.au and tell us where you work and we will send you all the information you need. You need to bring your business card to your consultation. If you are travelling as part of your work, your employer has a duty of care to ensure that you stay healthy- check out our information on the need for employers to have a travel health policy. We can supply the documentation that you need for your companies Occupational Health and Safety compliance.

Why refer your passengers to consult one of Dr Deb’s Travel Medicine Clinics?

Dr Deb has been providing travel medicine services to the people of Brisbane since 1988.

If you recommend your clients visit one of our clinics you will:

  • Save yourself time discussing health issues
  • Assist your travellers to access the right information and advice, and have a healthy journey (and book with you again).
  • Help avoid the possibility of litigation arising from giving your passengers inadequate or out of date advice on travel health issues.

When Passengers Need To Seek Medical Advice

Ideally, travellers should seek medical advice at least 6- 8 weeks before travel. Vaccinations take time to take effect. However, it is never too late to plan for a healthy trip. You may care to suggest they look at our website for information about our service.

Cost to your passengers

We try to keep our prices as low as possible, however, our prices reflect the cost of delivering a high quality travel medicine service to your passengers.

The consultation fee is rebateable through medicare as long as the client is not travelling for work. Vaccinations can be claimed through extras cover if a person is a member of a private health fund.

How to refer your passengers

Ideally, consultants need a system to refer passengers for travel health advice in writing, so the consultant has documentation proving that health issues were covered.

Some Consultants place the following in the letters to their customers:

We wish you a healthy journey, so we recommend you consult Dr Deb’s The Travel Doctor 6-8 weeks prior to departure – (Phone 3221 9066) – to organise recommended health precautions for this trip.

We also have information flyers that can be displayed in your office or routinely given to your passengers.

Flyers can be ordered by emailing the clinic (clinic@thetraveldoctor.com.au) or by filling in the form shown below.

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For a PDF sample copy of the flier click here.

More information?

If you would like more information on how we can help you assist your passengers have a healthy journey just call the city clinic on 07 3221 9066 or call Dr Deb on 0408 199 166.

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