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Before Your Next Trip – Our Follow-Up Service

For our current registered patients only* we offer a service where travellers can ask about the vaccine requirements for their next trip overseas.

We will extract your vaccine records/notes and the doctor will review the vaccines and see if everything is current for the next destination, to see if you need to consult us. We will reply by email within 3 business days.

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We will tell you IF you need to come and see us again. This service is designed to prevent unnecessary visits to our clinic.

Note that we CANNOT provide a detailed list of what precautions are recommended for your next journey. You need to come and consult one of our doctors to receive detailed recommendations.

Simply fill in the online form below. This service is currently free of charge for past and current patients.

(For persons who have not been to our clinic, since we do not have your vaccine records and medical history on our file, you will need to visit our clinic. If you live in a rural area, a long way from our medical clinics, we do offer a Remote Area Service if you wish to speak to one of our doctors.)

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