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Buying Medicines While Travelling Is Bad For Your Health

The influential British Consumers’ Association has published the results of an investigation into obtaining medication while away from home. Investigators from the association visited a total of 54 pharmacies describing their symptoms- either a stomach upset, a common cold or earache.

Shops were visited in Cairo, Barcelona and Istanbul. In 14 cases, a medication was supplied that was considered OK. Of the remaining 40 visits, many medications were contrary to what would have been suggested in the UK, and some were even considered to be dangerous medications.

Problems that occurred with the medication included traveller was unable to communicate with the pharmacist the wrong antibiotics were provided e.g. for diarrhoea positively dangerous and /or useless remedies were provided penicillin was provided without asking about allergies

Seeing a doctor in some parts of the world is akin to playing Russian Roulette

A traveller who is properly prepared may give themselves better medical care than the local alternative. This is why it is so important that travellers carry a decent medical kit with them – not only will they have the necessary drugs, they will know when to use them.

This means the traveller gets back to having fun more quickly.


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