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As part of your preparation, we want to make sure there are no medical problems that could affect your ability to successfully complete your posting.


Please download and print the form below, and follow the instructions on the front of the form, and submit it to your organiser.

Ideally is better to see a doctor with expertise in Travel Medicine so you can get the best preparation, vaccines, medical kits etc. To contact your nearest Travel Medicine provider phone 1300 42 11 42 to be switched to the nearest clinic or go to this web address  for locations of nearest expert travel medicine providers.


  1. The book Travelling Well has lots of information about how to stay healthy on your travels
  2. Have you seen our film? “Travelling Well – or not” about various vaccine preventable diseases – A lighthearted look at a serious subject
  3. A minute about Travel Insurance
  4. How much do you know about Meningitis? It is a serious problem in some parts of the world. We have a 10 question Meningitis quiz if you want to test your knowledge.
  5. 90 second video About Travel Doctors 



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