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Booking a BCG Vaccine at our clinic

BCG is the vaccine that protects against Tuberculosis (TB)

BCG vaccine comes in multidose vials that only lasts a few hours once opened.

We book those who need it into ‘BCG clinics’ to minimise waste and make it cheaper for those vaccinated. Clinics are generally run on Tuesdays and Fridays but not every week.

The BCG is a live vaccine, so must be given on the same day or one month apart from other live vaccines. (The routine 12 month and 18 month vaccines are ‘LIVE’ so the BCG vaccine must be given the same day or one month after or one month after the 12 and 18 month routine vaccines.)

The BCG vaccine takes about 3 months to be fully effective so needs to ideally be given well in advance of first departure overseas. It can be given from birth.

Cost of BCG

The cost to have the BCG is $239. The Doctors consultation costs $90 and you will get back $37.60 from medicare. The vaccine costs $149 and this may be claimed from your private health fund if you have ‘extras cover’.

If your child has travelled out of Australia already, they need a Mantoux skin test, two days prior to the BCG.

So it is accurate, the Mantoux test must be done at least 3 months after their trip/ after the child’s return to Australia.

This costs $154 for consult and test, and you get $37.60 back from medicare.

Please note as we are opening a multidose vial for the clinics, if persons fail to give 24 hours notice for cancelling an appointment, we must charge a $50 cancellation fee.

Coming to our clinic – in Brisbane

You must bring the RED BOOK to your appointment.

Central train station is only a 4 minute walk away.

If you need to drive, the closest parking is next door at the Post Office Square carpark. This is not our carpark but There is a 15% discount available for our customers, but you have to pay online before you come to the city using the secure parking website  –  full details click here. )

Appointment request form

If you would like to request an appointment – please fill in the below form and our staff will contact you.

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