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18th Edition Travelling Well

August 15th, 2013
18th edition Whats new?
18th Travelling Well has now been released. This brings the number of copies in print to 185,000 copies. Many thanks to all those travellers who sent suggestions and comments to assist the book be even more useful to travellers all around the globe. Overall not very much has changed.
In a nutshell here are the changes
  • New cover listing countries I have been to (by public suggestions)
  • Addition of a QR code to the title page for ease of accessing links
  • Text has been reworded/ made more succinct
  • Numbers, statistics, info across the book for polio, typhoid, rabies, malaria has been made current
  • Addition of the new vaccine; Imojev ( protection against Japanese Encephalitis)

    Cover 18th Ed. Travelling Well)

  • Prevenar ( Pneumonia vaccine ) now recommended for adults
  • Table of Duration of protection of vaccines has been made current
  • Mention United Arab Emirates and the problem with carrying medication
  • Amend gastro flow chart on page 102 to include times (by public request)
  • Mention azithromycin can be used for tonsillitis and can cause conduction deficits now mentioned in precautions of drug table
  • Amend St John first aid: DRABCD has become DRSABCD as per their requirements ( “S” has been added for SEND for help)
  • Mention antiviral drugs for shingles treatment,
  • Mention Australia has scorpions
  • Mention tsetse flies are attracted to blue/dark clothing under insects section and also in the what-to-pack section

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