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17th Travelling Well now available

January 17th, 2012

Dr Deb At Vic Falls Zimbabwe

The next edition of Travelling Well is now available –

Edition 17.

This is the 9th cover and includes a photo at Victoria Falls – from the Zimbabwe side – given the recent publicity about yellow fever Not being required by the South Africans if travellers visit the Zimbabwe side of the falls, this seemed particularly fitting.

There are now 170,000 copies in print

The first question everyone asks is ..Aside from a new cover, whats new inside?

A …It is a minor update and much will look the same to the frequent user of this book, however as usual, details have been added in response to feedback from travellers.

There is now information about the newest app, Vaccine Record for Travellers.

Changes summaryPage / Detail

13 mention of the address to find International Society of Travel Medicine travel clinics
17 duration Table; delete Gamma Globulin duration / add menveo & menactra 5 years
18 add genital warts and anal cancers to gardasil/ HPV vaccine benefits
19 add menveo / menactra to types of meningitis vaccines
28 suggestion to persist for a few days if minor side effects from malarone
32 add oragel to the kit contents list
45 mention rivaroxaban for dvt prevention
75 altitude; delete theophylline, add dexamethazone to prevention as per recent consensus
82 minor change to culture shock/ disaster planning
84 mention International Association of Medical Assistance to Travellers as another way to find doctors overseas
93 add information on chikungunya disease
94 add ciguatera and scombroid (fish) poisoning to food poisoning section
104 expand Azithromycin dosage chart for children and mention of nitazoxanide tablet used overseas for giardia
120 reword rabies to cover scratches on broken skin, add story of patient getting abused for asking about WHO schedule, mention day 28 post exp not always given
126 add treatment for persons who experience a foreign body in the ear
127 add orajel to treatment of gum pain and mouth ulcers
130 information in the treatment of altitude sickness now includes information on how to use and interpret readings from a pulse oximeter
138 Information on on emergency contraception has been condenses to make way for information in emergency section on needlestick injury
143 kids diamox dose has been added to the drug reference table as per recent consensus
154 dengue map has been removed as was old (2005) – replace with info in text form
all minor typographical errors fixed, adjustment to index

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